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Joyce Expediting - Air & Land Courier Service

Air Courier Parcel Service

- Domestic & International

Small parcels with time critical deadlines travel as Air Courier Parcels. Air Courier shipments receive very high loading priority as well as rapid recovery when arriving at destination airports. Packages shipped as air courier shipments are routed to their ultimate destinations with care given to respect the committed deadlines.

JOYCE EXPEDITING will offer the latest possible “Last Minute” options for transit of your air courier parcel to your ultimate destinations. Communication of details in advance is always preferred. When you are working late on a project and wish to extend the working day until the very last minutes, please let us help you by sharing the details of your shipments as early in the process as possible. Pieces, weight, size, ready time, deadline and consignee information are needed as well as the pick up location. Email or fax with the details or production list can be very efficient. We are always glad to help with the data entry and document preparation for your air courier packages and parcels.

“Super-Fast” option can travel more economically. Shipments that ask "Every deadline be Stretched" will cost somewhat more. Shipments moving as air courier parcels can be upgraded with extra special delivery attention and communication to provide for Hand Delivery or direct contact at destination with the specific individuals defined by you. Again, communication is the key here - tell us what you require we will make it happen!


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