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Joyce Expediting - Air & Land Courier Service

Land Courier Service

- Desk to Desk as Directed

Desk to desk as directed, our dedicated courier will provide the Land Courier Service you require. Pick up as you have instructed and deliveries as you define. Tell us what you need and we will handle the transportation. A patient, calm and polite messenger will stand by, wait for your shipment and affect delivery as directed. If requested, we will get for a signature and return that information to you or your teammates.

Dedicated Land Courier Services can be arranged for any time or day. We understand that timing is often very important. We can rush or delay delivery as you wish. We will respond to redirection to alternative locations as needed. This custom service can supply any reasonable request and we will even attempt to meet the unreasonable. Your instructions will be respected. Communication will be provided.


Call Toll Free, 24 Hours a Day 1-800-569-2333

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